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ATMAN - The International Federation of Yoga and Meditation: the "X-ray" of MISA's umbrella organization

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ATMAN - The International Federation of Yoga and Meditation is an umbrella organization founded by Tara Yoga Centre, Natha Denmark and Deutsche Akademie für traditionelles Yoga, MISA's branches in the United Kingdom, Denmark and Germany.

In 2008 MISA and all its international branches were expelled from the International Yoga Federation and the European Yoga Alliance.

MISA announced afterwards on its website in an article written by Mihai Ian Stoian, leader of NATHA
 Denmark (MISA's Danish branch), that they will develop their own federation, the ATMAN Federation of  Yoga and Meditation.

But ATMAN - The international Federation of Yoga and Meditation - was officially already founded in 2004 in UK.

The then address of Tara Yoga Centre, the UK MISA branch, was used until March 2021 as the address of the federation: 25-31 Ironmonger Row, Lower Ground Floor, London.


According to the public available information linked below the first directors of this federation  were the following:
- MISA - between 2004 - 2013
- Nicolae Catrina (MISA president until 2004) - between 2004 - 2011
- Monica Dascalu (MISA spokeswoman for years) - between 2011 - 2013

The directors who succeeded them, including the current ones, are all MISA followers. A simple google search will reveal which MISA branches they are connected to.

Until 2010 Mihai Ian Stoian was introduced at various events as president of the federation. In the above linked official information his name wasn't mentioned until October 2016 when he was appointed as director of the federation.

Unlike other cults (ScientologyNXIVM, etc.), whose branches have the same name all over the world, MISA's branches generally have different names in different countries. Except for NATHA (6 countries). In some countries they even go under up to 5 different names in different cities. That's why the connection between them and MISA is very difficult to detect by outsiders.

The official members list:

1. Escuela de Yoga Esoterico Integral (Argentina)
2. Maha Vidya Yoga (Austria)
3. Anandayoga Centrum (Belgium)
4. Shambala (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
5. Spiritual School Rezonance (Czech Republic)
6. - 12. NATHA (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Norway, Portugal, Sweden)
13. Association Yoga Intégral (France)
14. Deutsche Akademie für traditionelles Yoga (Germany)
15. Athens Atman Association (Greece)
16. Korösi Csoma Jóga Egyesület (Hungary)  - ATMAN Jóga Egyesület (Hungary)
17. Associazione ‘Felicità e saggezza attraverso lo yoga (Italy)
      Associazione Culturale Atman (Italy)
      Associazione Tripura Sundari (Italy)
      Scuola Internazionale di Yoga integrale, Tantra e Meditazione a Milano (Italy)
      Centro di Yoga “Spanda” (Italy)
18. MISA (Romania)
19. - 20. Mahasiddha Yoga (Russia, Thailand), SATYA (Russia)
21. Soma Yoga (Scotland)
22. TARA Yoga (Serbia, UK)
23. Yoga Mysterium (Slovakia)
24. Joga Neizmerne Sreče in Zdravja (Slovenia)
25. Esoteric Yoga Integral (Spain)
      Ananda Yoga (Spain)
      Bhoga Yoga (Spain)
26. Intensivyoga (Switzerland)
      Yoga Intégral Génève (Switzerland)
27. Academia Espiritual de Yoga Tradicional – ANANDA (Uruguay)
28. US Yoga Academy (USA)

29. ATMAN Online Yoga Academy.

Unlisted are the branches in India and Australia, called Maha Siddha Yoga or Maha Siddha Tantra Yoga, where they offered courses, workshops or retreats for a limited time only.

Also missing is the brand new branch in Japan, Tantra Yoga Japan (run by the MISA followers in Thailand) whose website was created in July 2020. 

This federation was and still is used by MISA and its "sister schools" always when one of them is criticized by the press or has juridical problems, as a guarantee of the quality and authenticity of their courses.

Before their international problems arose, on most websites connected to MISA, besides the publication of his biography, it was clearly specified that Gregorian Bivolaru is their spiritual guide, in other words: their guru

Shortly after guru's arrest in France in February 2016 many MISA branches removed the references to Gregorian Bivolaru from their websites. 

Despite the lineage-boasting, the pompous Gupta Maha Siddha Yoga, even on the website of the ATMAN federation the name of the guru is mentioned only as author of a few articles.

Moreover some of the "sister schools" officially denied or deny the connection between MISA and its branches as well as the leading role of the guru Gregorian Bivolaru.

They even claim that they are nothing more than members of the same federation, using the same curriculum and that Gregorian Bivolaru is just their "spiritual mentor".

It is necessary to underline that only MISA and its branches world wide are members of this federation.

In 2016/2017 the ATMAN federation launched on its website a donations campaign that aimed to support the 
team that has been internationally defending the case of Gregorian Bivolaru for many years.

Moreover in 2017 the ATMAN federation sent a letter to the Bistrita Court in Romania, where the guru 
Gregorian Bivolaru was imprisoned for sex with an underage. The letter was attached to his court file (number 6859/190/2017) in order to support his early release on parole. Instead of 6 years he spent just about 1 year in Romanian jail.

In the letter they is clearly stated, amongst others, that the activities of the federation are "structured around the teachings" of Gregorian Bivolaru, that he sends guidelines regarding yoga and life in general to the course participants world wide and he is regarded as a role model.  See here the letter of support. 

Let's analyze some quotes from the above mentioned letter. 

 " ... the International Federation of Yoga and Meditation is hosting international Congresses, keeps internationally certified teacher courses, collaborates with researchers as well as embassies and  international organizations." 

This is a lie. The ATMAN teacher courses aren't internationally certified. They aren't certified by any international organization. They are certified just by the ATMAN federation.  

The most of the researchers, embassies or organizations they cooperate with don't really know what dangerous association they are dealing with.

"... is an example and inspiration for many people in the field of human development. His behaviour and his teachings always emphasize on respecting the law, on moral values, on integrity. His teachings of the first year of yoga start with the moral and ethical code (Yama and Niyama)."

The guru is indeed preaching moral values and integrity, but just preaching. In practice he has broken the ethical and moral yoga rules countless times.

Just to name a few:

- He and some of his adepts illegally  founded MISA based on false documents  (ro, en sub)

- He and MISA claimed several times that he would be certified yoga teacher (by a French and an Indian organization) - the diploma published on his official website are not certifying it

- He, the victim and MISA claimed for years that he was falsely accused and convicted for having sex with an underage. In 2017 in front of the court in Bistrita he admitted his crime. That didn't stop him to declare to the press, shortly after his release, in front of the prison, that he was not guilty.

(ro, en sub) (min 1:12)

The ATMAN Federation of Yoga and Meditation itself also has big issues in the field of morality. Despite the code of conduct displayed on its website and the claim to respect their copyright the federation did not respect the copyrights of others. For example it used several times photos of Kim Kardashian, last time  in 2019, to advertise their Yoni Chakra Retreat in Berlin:

Gregorian Bivolaru was released on parole in September 2017. The next day he left Romania allegedly for Sweden. After a week Finland released an arrest warrant on his name for aggravated human trafficking and sexual abuse

In April 2021 the ATMAN federation published on its website a message from the guru Gregorian Bivolaru regarding  the anti covid-19 vaccination.

Point of view regarding vaccines [April 27]
Regarding the current controversial issue related to vaccines, yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru stated in some 
answers offered on this topic the following point of view:

The fools will suffer the serious effects of vaccines. Nothing can be done for them anymore. Many of 
them will even die. This is an answer sent by us, which you can share and thus warn everyone.

Those who have doubts even now, being under the influence of demons, we notice that they are very willing to get vaccines and then they are no longer afraid and they don’t have doubts anymore, precisely because the demons push them towards death.

Because every human being has the right to an opinion, we make this statement of ours known also in this way. This message reflects our point of view and can be shared everywhere. ”

So the role model of the ATMAN Federation for Yoga and Meditation is a notorious liar, a person searched by the Interpol for aggravated human trafficking and sexual abuse. He is a person that manipulates his followers into not getting the anti covid vaccines by suggesting that those vaccinated are fools under the influence of demons.

The ATMAN federation organizes yoga/tantra teacher courses for their followers and certifies all the 
yoga/tantra teachers of MISA and its "sister schools" world wide.

The yoga/tantra teacher courses are mainly kept in Denmark by Mihai Ian Stoian, leader of the Danish MISA branch.

On ATMAN's website are published pictures from the Graduation Celebration of the Yoga and Tantra Teacher Training - December 2019
The last celebrations were live broadcasted on MISAs online tv channel – MISA TV. The recording of the 
Graduation Celebration 2020 is even available on Youtube.

The ATMAN federation also organizes the MISA yoga congresses (every second year – the last one was in 
2018 in Berlin), camps, retreats, initiations and events. Some of them are listed on ATMAN federations website:

Since the pandemic the federation organizes several online events using the Online Yoga Academy platform.


In order to keep their worldwide followers busy, each month the federation publishes on its website a list of "meditations, favorable astrological moments and spiritual events".

"The yoga teacher Emeritus Gregorian Bivolaru" has provided them with a manipulative motto as introduction:

“Sometimes people stumble over the truth, but only fools get up immediately and go on indifferently.”

Since some time before the end of Trump's presidency the top of the above mentioned list is reserved to a daily special spiritual action "with the support of the spiritual guide" Gregorian Bivolaru:

"Special spiritual action: all of us in unison will seek to experience a state of in-tense, plenary, profound, continuous communion with the subtle, sublime, endless, eternal, free energy of the Godly Attribute of Godly Help, the fruits of which are offered instantly by us to Donald Trump, in order to be fully supported in this way by the Good God, in all the eminently beneficial actions he does or will do in complete accord with the Will of God."

Despite this daily meditations, despite Bivolaru's subtle support, Trump lost the elections long time ago. Even though the followers are asked to read several times guru's mobilizing message and continue meditating to support Trump.

"An important message from yoga teacher Gregorian Bivolaru, which we ask you to study attentively, even a few times:

The help that is offered during this period to Donald Trump, implies that each one of us feel fully and especially to be clearly and intensely aware, in a nuanced way, that we become and then remain a mysterious channel, in and through which, the Good God manifests Himself in ways only known to Him, in order to help this man immensely. That is why it is necessary to thus implore God:

“LORD GOD, Heavenly Father, I implore You with faith, humility, fervor, and justified hopes to help this man with all that You consider he needs, to inspire, guide, and support him so that in Your enigmatic game the immense, omnipotent, sublime and endless GODLY GOOD triumphs over the SATANIC EVIL, which is limited, insignificant, impermanent and ephemeral. YOUR WILL be done, in and through the being of this man. We, the people, propose to You with faith and humility, and YOU, Lord, are the One who arranges accordingly. Amen, Amen, Amen.”

We will then experience in an ineffable way how God mysteriously manifests Himself, in and through our being that is open to HIM, and each one of us will also benefit (in a proportion of about 30%) from putting into practice the godly Law of occult offering, which implies that everything we offer with benevolence, abnegation, detachment and that comes from God, to a considerable extent we also offer to ourselves what we give to another or others. Thus, we are each one of us fully convinced that WHEN, WITH THE HELP OF GOD, YOU DO A LOT OF GOOD, THEN YOU FIND MUCH GOOD AFTERWARDS, AT THE RIGHT TIME.

Our enthusiastic, detached, heroic, beneficent, persevering and courageous participation is a necessary and quickly transforming drop (of the state of affairs on this PLANET OF “REPEATERS” immersed in the deadly sleep of lethargy, ignorance and egotistical indifference), which also deifies us and will cause the appearance of the large or small miracles that humanity and each of us urgently needs.

We thank you in advance for such a fruitful participation!"

Interesting events on the November 2021 list are also:

- the meeting of the GROUP FOR DEEPENING THE SPIRITUAL GUIDE – ASPIRANT RELATIONSHIP, held in unison in various countries.


- The auspicious time to engage in couple with love, continence and transfiguration is from Tuesday, November 16 at 17:30 to Wednesday, November 17 at 09:30. 

- The period of the Full Moon’s inauspicious influence begins on Thursday November 18 at 15:58 and ends on Saturday November 20 at 03:58. The maximum of the Full Moon’s inauspicious influence is Friday November 19 at 09:58.

These are the "spiritual values", the "unity between science and spirituality", the "art of living and existing in a deified fashion" promoted by the ATMAN federation.


  1. Da, asta pt ca Yoga nu este o ''industrie' regularizata, practic te poti auto-certifica iar vocea si talentul te pot recomanda....sau 'familia' in cazul MISA. Deci secta e de neoprit

  2. Exista si o scoala Yoga Atman:

    A nu se confunda cu cloaca-umbrelã "ghidatã" de infractorul în fugã bivolar si de ucenicii sai mincinosi.


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